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Belmont Community Environmental Fair

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List of Exhibitors

Acorn Designs –  recycled content stationary
Alternate Energy, Inc — renewable energy systems (solar hot water, photovoltaic cells, and wind turbines)
Arlington, Belmont, and Cambridge (ABC) Flooding and Storm Water Taskforce/ Belmont Sewer and Storm Water Committee
Belmont Animal Control Officer
Belmont Bikeway Planning Committee
Belmont Citizen’s Forum
Belmont Citizens for Environmental Safety
Belmont Citizens for Safe Walking
Belmont Conservation Commission
Belmont DPW Highway Division/ Sold Waste and Recycling Advisory Committee (SWARAC)
Belmont DPW/ Water Division
Belmont Fire Department
Belmont Garden Club
Belmont Health Department
Belmont Hill School — student independent study/environmental footprint
Belmont Municipal Light Department
Belmont Office of Community Development - Trapelo Rd Corridor Study/ Waverly Air Rights Smart Growth Project/ Fire Station re-use
Belmont Police Department — bike safety/ noise meter
Belmont Senior Center Building Committee — green building
Belmont Town Clerk
Blooming Genius Garden Coaches
Boston Bldg. Materials Resource Center — recycled housing materials and rain barrels
Buzz-Off – Lewey’s Eco Blends Inc. — natural insect repellant
Cambridge Savings Bank — green building
Center for Technological Commercialization — fuel cell car and fuel cell airplane
Chenery Middle School — Chenery courtyard/ recycling
Dennis K. Burke Co. — environmentally friendly petroleum products
Dream Weaver Herbals (fabric dyes, lotions, and salves made from herbs)
EPA — waterscape and mercury exhibit
E-Paint Company —  eco-friendly marine paint
Friends of the Belmont Bikeway
Global Balance  — cleaning and personal care products
Greater Boston Soaring Club — full-size high-performance glider
Green Grease Monkeys —“greasel” demonstration
Green Roundtable
Helyn’s Cleaning Solutions
Hillside Gardens & Supply Company/ Turf Equipment Co.
Judy Record Foundation - McLean open space.
Kidwind  — model sized wind turbines
Land’s Sake Inc. – Organic farm, community-supported agriculture
Louden Save-A-Tree
Mass Climate Action Network
Massachusetts Audubon Society’s Habitat
McPhail Architects = D’Emios  -  environmental building design/Belmont bus stop design competition
Metropolitan Area Planning Council
MWRA — pH water samples; storm drain coloring books; rain gauges
N.E. Aquarium — “Whale Day” hands-on exhibit
New England Wildflower Society (Garden in the Woods)
New England Solar Homes  — architect specializing in solar design
Peter Alden – selling books for Massachusetts Audubon Society
Quaker Earth Care Eco-Friendly House
Shaw’s Supermarket — environmentally friendly consumer products and foods
Soil Solutions — organic landscaper
Solar Sam Innovations  —solar chariot and solar gadgets
Thompson Island Outward Bound
Waltham Fields Community Farm
Watertown Citizens for Environmental Safety
Wheelworks/Mass Bikes
X-Surfer Group, USA  — walk along small glider demonstrations
*List subject to change*

Speaker Presentations

11 – 12  Walk Your Talk: Living an Environmentally Friendly Lifestyle — Dan Ruben,
Executive Director of the Coaltion for Environmentally Responsible Conventions (CERC) and Eastern Massachusetts Coordinator for the Global Action Plan’s Household EcoTeam Program
Many of us want to take steps in our personal lives to benefit the planet, but aren’t sure what to do. This interactive session will discuss the most important actions you can take in the areas of energy, water, waste, transportation, and consumption. Information will be provided about Household Ecoteams.

11:30 - 12; 2:30 – 3    
Fuel Cell-Powered Aircraft: The Future of Aviation — James P. Dunn, CEO of the Center for Technological Commercialization and Director of NASA’s N.E. Regional Technology Transfer Center.
An overview of the major activities in applying fuel cells to aviation, including an in-depth look at issues, opportunities, and benefits. The presentation will highlight the building of the world’s first fuel cell-powered airplane, accomplished through a unique student program at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

12 – 1  Wind Energy: Fears and Facts — Richard Lawrence, Environmental Educator for Cape & Islands Self Reliance Corp. and Cape Cod Community College
Wind energy is a promising technology for improving the environment, economy, and public health of our communities. It is also one of the most controversial. This presentation will discuss how to distinguish fears from facts, and explore the impact of wind projects on the communities where they have been built — both on land and off-shore.

1 – 2   Environmentally Friendly Cleaning and Personal Care Products: Trade Offs and Concerns — Allan Benjamin, Proprietor of Global Balance
        What constitutes an environmentally friendly and responsible consumer and personal care product? We’ll discuss issues surrounding manufacturing and marketing of nontoxic cleaning and health care products, including truth-in-labeling, disclosure of ingredients, as well as safety and pricing issues.

2 – 3   Organic Lawn Care — Bruce Wenning, Horticulturist and Grounds Manager for Massachusetts Audubon Society’s Habitat Education Center & Wildlife Sanctuary
        Learn how to manage home lawns without the use of inorganic fertilizers and pesticides. Turf grass cultural (not chemical) methods of management will be addressed.

3 — 4  Indoor Air Quality: How Mold Can Affect Your Home and Your Life — Jeff May, Manager of May Indoor Air Investigations and author
        Do you or family members suffer from headaches, fatigue, asthma, nose bleeds, and eye or throat irritation? The culprit may be mold in your home. Using a slide and lecture format, May will provide guidelines for preventing mold, how to choose the right professional to diagnose a mold problem, and how to perform a safe clean up. May’s book, The Mold Survival Guide: For Your Home and for Your Health, will be available for purchase.
*Schedule subject to change*

List of Children's Activities
Hats Off to a Cleaner Environment: Table with hat-making materials      
Based on She’s Wearing a Dead Bird on Her Head by Kathryn Lasky

Environmental Messages to the World: Make squares for a quilt, which will be sewn together by quilters from the Belmont Senior Center and displayed in a public place in town

Demonstration and lessons in using a small walkalong glider

Build 3-D creations made from recycled materials

Scavenger hunt

Yoga for families and kids


Face painting

Family/Adult Activities and Learning Opportunities


Observe a working bee hive and a demonstration of vermicomposting

Calculate your personal ecological footprint — how many acres does it take to sustain your lifestyle?

Walk through an eco-house to get eco-friendly ideas for your own living space

Local community-supported and organic farms

Learn about town-supported current and future energy-efficient initiatives

Organic landscapers

Co-existing with wildlife

A participatory community environmental art project

Pesticide use and its effects on health and environment

Fabric dyes, salves, and lotions made from herbs

Recycling building materials

Eco-friendly consumer, personal care, and cleaning products

Native plants and environmental books

Free Trade coffee

Environmentally friendly gardening consultants

Natural insect repellants


Test-drive a fuel-cell car or a Segway

See a “greasel” and learn how to convert a diesel car to one fueled by waste vegetable oil

Bring your hybrid car and receive VIP parking

Bike and public transit safety

Bike and public transit maps; walking maps of Boston

Climb aboard a high-performance soaring glider with a 45-foot wingspan

Check out a sailboat and find out where you can take sailing and kayaking lessons

Sign up and leave with a Fast Lane transponder for Massachusetts Turnpike (available from 10 am to 2 pm)

Zip Car

Bike paths/walkways


The New England Aquarium’s hands-on exhibit about the biology, intelligence, and conservation of dolphins, whales, and sea lions — with special guest, “Lucky,” a 42-foot life-sized right whale model (11 am to 3 pm)

Natural history tours of Clay Pit Pond (directly in front of high school)

Learn how to conduct pH samples of water and view a sample of the wastewater treatment process

Operate an interactive 3-D “enviroscape” to see what happens to storm water

Sources and effects of mercury on the environment

Eco-friendly paint for marine use

Rain barrels

Protecting local waterways

Fire (Energy):

Hop on a stationary bike to see how much electricity it takes to light up a light bulb

Compare the electricity used by Belmont’s new LED traffic signals vs. the old incandescent signals

Rebates for energy-efficient appliances

Ride in a solar-powered chariot and view solar gadgets (radios, sun chimes, portable solar shed, solar-powered kayak, and more)

Renewable energy systems and local installers (solar hot water, wind turbines, and photovoltaic cell)

Green building techniques and architects who specialize in solar design and energy efficiency

Information on free energy audits of your home

Recycling Opportunities

Button batteries

Mercury thermostats and thermometers

Cell phones and printer cartridges

Recycling and compost bins will be available for purchase

Free stickers for yard waste containers will be distributed

For more information, please call (617) 484-6294

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