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Library Trustees Minutes 07/19/05
MEETING OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES                                          JULY 19, 2005

The meeting was called to order at 7:35 p.m. by Chair Jil Westcott.  Present were trustees Mary Keenan, Lawrence McCormick, Hal Shubin, and Heli Tomford, Library Director Maureen Conners, LWV observer Audrey Lenk, BLF President Martha Gallagher, Tech Librarian - Christine Hunnefeld, Director of Public Services – Emily Reardon, and Matthew Berube.

ITAC – Matthew Berube was appointed to the town technology committee, ITAC, on a motion by Chair Westcott, seconded by Trustee McCormick, and voted unanimously. The library is the only town institution with cutting-edge technology and the trustees expressed their support for Mr. Berube,  Manager of the O’Neill Branch of the Cambridge Public Library as a library representative.

Library Statistics – In response to a request from Selectman William Brownsberger, Librarians Hunnefeld and Reardon have been working with Director Conners to gather statistics. Ms. Hunnefeld has spent prodigious amounts of time on this task.  Explained were charts with the snapshot date of July 14, 2005.  Mr. Brownsberger will be invited to the October meeting of the trustees for a presentation by the librarians.  Suggestions were made to include pie charts of the collection, clarify the non-circulating reference items, emphasize the role of support for school projects such as History Day, and present the data in the positive light it shows the library, as one of the leading libraries in the Minuteman system. Libraries are much more than the materials on the shelves.  Belmontians use their library extensively, both at the library and from remote access.

BLF – President Gallagher gave an overview of the Foundation’s accomplishments and spending accounts, asking for a gift from the trustees to continue the work needed to be done to raise funds for a new library.  Chair Westcott voiced support for this important work, mentioning $50k as a possible amount. Director Conners said that in September the town would indicate the amount of funds in the copier (trustee discretionary fund); she anticipates an amount around $60K. Only a few laser printers would be needed this year, totaling $3-5K. Trustee Tomford cautioned about possible dependency of the BLF on the trustees, noting that the cultivation process of prospective donors began a long time ago. Ms. Gallagher concluded her presentation with an appeal to the teamwork that has achieved present accomplishments.  Trustee Keenan was reminded that not only could she and Trustee Shubin, the trustee representatives to the BLF, not vote on this matter, but could also not speak to the issues. Without a quorum for this BLF funding issue, no vote was taken.

Celebration – July 20th – Adine Storer has done a splendid job on invitations, etc. She and Mary Keenan will take care of the grant celebration arrangements.

Memorandum of Agreement – A sub-committee of Chair Westcott and Trustees McCormick and Tomford will discuss/decide this matter to settle the Dustan Challenge in case a new library is not build in ten years.

Grant strategy – Trustee Shubin counseled a positive attitude with no apologies for our place in the grant process.  There is a clear need for a new library.  Trustee McCormick again spoke of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Selectmen. Chair Westcott reminded all that a new library was not “off the ranch,” given the unanimous vote at town meeting.

Director’s Report – Attached

Financial Report – Due to gaps in filling positions, $10K was returned to the town.

Activity Report  - Attached – Maybe it is time to reconfigure categories.  For example, video cassettes are not usually available for purchase.

The minutes for the meetings of May 31st and June 21st were approved unanimously on a motion by Trustee Shubin, seconded by Trustee Tomford.

On a motion by Trustee Shubin, seconded by Chair Westcott and approved unanimously, the meeting was adjourned at 9:40 p.m.

Next meeting – third Tuesday in August  -  August 16th.

Respectfully submitted,   Mary E. Keenan

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